Terms and conditions

The Microbiome Center enables physicians and pharmacists to provide personalized microbiome interventions to their clients. The Microbiome Center provides knowledge and facilities for this purpose and supports the development of knowledge between active professionals.

When offering knowledge and facilities, the Microbiome Center acts as a facilitator between the professionals involved. The Microbiome Center does not interfere with the medical decisions of the physician or the pharmaceutical role of the pharmacist.

As a facilitator of affiliated professionals, the Microbiome Center also ensures active knowledge development and exchange between the professionals, by evaluating and sharing experiences and by contributing new scientific insights from elsewhere.

When facilitating the personalized treatments by the professionals, data is requested for the purpose of, in particular, the identification of the client, the medical data that are important for the treatment, and the selected interventions.

Only those data are requested and stored that are necessary for that process, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation

Due to the facilitating role in which doctors and pharmacists make their professional decisions in complete freedom, the Microbiome Center is not responsible for the effects of treatments, whether positive or negative.


The Microbiome Center is committed to gathering the most important microbiome expertise worldwide and making it available to professionals, but no absolute completeness can be guaranteed. The Microbiome Center cannot be held liable for any lack of (new) scientific insights.

The collected data is and remains the property of the relevant user, whereby the user is in charge of the use of the data.

The Microbiome Center always processes the data in accordance with the purpose of treatments and in accordance with the consent given by the relevant user.

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