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Each person carries hundreds of types of bacteria with them, in a unique composition. Just like a fingerprint. Some bacteria make us sick, but we really need most bacteria. They help convert our nutrition into nutrients and energy for the body. A unique individual ecosystem, which must not become unbalanced.

If you are on a course of antibiotics, a severe infection, chemotherapy or a lot of stress, it will have a devastating effect on your microbiome. Many chronic diseases have the same effect. What you can notice yourself is tiredness, low resistance, allergy flares, worsening of your condition.

There is more and more knowledge about how we can treat a disturbed bacterial balance. The Microbiome Center will help you and your doctor take advantage of this knowledge.

Microbiome complaints

Always tired, sent away everywhere

“I was always tired, had a lot of stomach pain and my bowel movements and often had a bladder infection. Every time I went to the doctor for an antibiotic treatment, always more severe. After a microbiome treatment my stomach pain and fatigue disappeared, and I haven’t had cystitis since then. “

“My child has characteristics of autism and since her microbiome treatment I notice much less abnormal behavior.”

“Since his treatment my husband is much more cheerful”



Recognize this? suffering from…

Especially people with chronic fatigue, diabetes, allergy, intestinal complaints, fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases often see reason to rebalance their microbiome. Science hints to a long list of conditions and complaints that may be related to your microbiome.

Doctor, could it be my gut?

That is quite possible. Feel free to ask.

Want to know more?

The possibility of a microbiome treatment raises similar questions in many people. We have listed the most common ones for you.


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