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New options for chronic complaints

More and more studies are linking microbiome, health, and chronic disease. If you have persistent symptoms and your microbiome has never been examined, you don’t have to settle for “I can’t help you” or “Just learn to live with it”. At the Microbiome Center, registered physicians help restoring the personal microbiome of people with chronic diseases and long-term complaints. We work with the latest insights, in a global network of universities and laboratories.

Network of Medical Doctors

Network of Medical Doctors

  • Treatments are performed by a nationwide network of affiliated medical doctors.
Microbiome Center Microbiome analysis

Microbioom analysis

  • Scientific analysis of your own microbiome
  • Extensive analysis report as a basis for further steps
Microbiome Center Personalized prescription

Personalized recipe

  • Fully personalized medicine
  • Tested against the latest scientific insights
Microbiome Center pharmacy preparation

Pharmacy preparation

  • Your prescription checked and prepared by a registered pharmacist
  • Direct home shipping
Microbiome Center Digital


  • Everyone manages their own data
  • In line with GDPR

Do you have chronic complaints?

Here you will find doctors who can improve your health with a personalized microbiome treatment.

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Microbiome Center
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Karen van LoonKaren van Loon
15:17 19 Mar 24
Fewer intestinal complaints these days after 2 courses of probiotics.
Petra BernardtPetra Bernardt
11:44 14 Mar 24
On the advice of my osteopath and through my GP, I had my intestinal flora examined here and received pre- and probiotics tailored to my intestinal flora. Sending the material is actually the same as with the population survey. It's not a cheap path, but it has been a good investment in my health. The difference was quickly noticeable. My intestines work better and my sinuses are also healthier, which means I suffer less from my chronic sinusitis.
Elsemieke KooleElsemieke Koole
08:38 26 Feb 24
The Microbiome Center has helped me a lot and most of my complaints have been resolved. Very happy with it!
Helma TerlouwHelma Terlouw
12:05 19 Feb 24
Thanks to the myblend, another piece of the long-covid puzzle has been laid.
Doshin HoutmanDoshin Houtman
11:07 19 Feb 24
After fecal examination, we received an extensive analysis of the microbiome with recommendations. After two months of using my own blend, together with herbal supplements, major progress has been made in intestinal health.
noor leeuwenkampnoor leeuwenkamp
20:46 15 Feb 24
I suffered from significant hair loss and enormous skin problems, I didn't look good. I found it through my medical acupuncture doctorat the Microbiome Center. My intestinal flora was examined and a personal probiotic was developed from there. My hair is like before and the skin is supple and without flakes. It costs a bit, unfortunately a lot is not reimbursed, but I recommend it to everyone.
Sabien van RiessenSabien van Riessen
14:23 05 Feb 24
Good personal advice by skilled people, easy and fast contact when you have questions.

Are you a doctor?

Microbiome therapy as an added tool

The microbiome is a new medical field with rapidly growing evidence on health impact and chronic conditions. With our treatment network and knowledge base, you have everything to apply all available evidence in your consultation room. Real “personalized medicine”: a magistral decision of doctor and pharmacist together.


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