Analysis and treatment

We support registered Medical Doctors to restore the personal microbiome in people with chronic illnesses and long-term complaints. At the same time we work on continuous innovation, in a global network of universities and laboratories.

With all past experiences, our website is renewed!

Network of Medical Doctors

  • Treatments are carried out by a large group of affiliated physicians who use the MC treatment network
  • Knowledge is exchanged in regular meetings
  • This way, new knowledge is used without delay.

Personalized recipe

Personalized Microbiome Therapy:

  • Customized medicine, pharmaceutical preparation
  • Balanced recipe of pre- and probiotics
  • Prepared on prescription by a registered pharmacist
  • Compiled after an individual microbiome analysis


  • Collaborative treatment platform for client, physician, lab, pharmacy, analyst and bank
  • Digital operation with delivery services
  • Everyone works from their own location
  • In line with AVG / GDPR

Individual & collective

  • Individual treatment central. Personal recipe, individually monitored via smartphone app
  • All data together is used in anonymous form for further knowledge development
  • This gives all affiliated physicians rapid growth in the field

Data security

  • All transactions and other data securely anchored in a blockchain
  • Each client, physician and researcher owns their own data
  • All data usage is under the user’s own control.

Are you a doctor?

Microbiome therapy as an
added instrument

The microbiome is a new medical field with rapidly growing evidence on impact on health and chronic conditions. With our treatment network and knowledge base, you have everything ready to apply the available evidence in your consultation room. Actual “personalized medicine”, as a magistral decision of doctor and pharmacist together.

Are you a client?

New perspective for
chronic complaints

If you have long-term complaints and your microbiome has never been examined, you don’t have to settle for “We can’t help you further” or “You have to learn to live with it”. Here you will find doctors who can advance your health by improving your microbiome.


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