The starting point of a treatment is usually the reasonable suspicion on the part of you as a doctor that the health problem is related to a microbiome problem. The suspicion often arises when there are complaints of a chronic nature in combination with gastrointestinal problems; especially if there is also persistent fatigue. In that case, it is worthwhile to find out through a faecal analysis whether it is true that a microbiome problem is present.

A typical treatment

The elements of a treatment

Microbiome analysis

In addition to the medical background, an extensive faecal examination is usually performed. With the latest ‘sequencing’ techniques, 250 strains and parameters are examined, which gives you as a doctor a good insight into the composition of the microbiome. This is the basis for the personalized treatment.

The analysis process takes approximately 3 weeks.

MyOwnBlend - personal prescription

The outcome of the microbiome analysis is individually tested against the latest scientific publications and insights. Based on this, you can create a prescription with the necessary pre- and probiotic strains (called MyOwnBlend). The strains used are scientifically matched per person, and added in the correct dosage. To be determined by you as a doctor.
Your prescription goes to the pharmacist who carries out the pharmacy check and then prepares it. The MyOwnBlend will be sent to the home address within a few days.


In almost all treatments, doctors pay attention to the importance of lifestyle and the major health effect: nutrition, exercise, rest, stress, meaning. As a support for following a healthy lifestyle, you as a doctor can receive a concise “intestinal health lifestyle recipe” that you can pass on to your clients.

Individual impact assessment

In addition to supporting you as a doctor, the Microbiome-Center also conducts a service conversation with clients. In this meeting we ask whether everything has been received well and whether there are any further questions about, for example, the use of the medicine. After the course of treatment, a second conversation about the result follows. Attention can also be paid to questions about how to proceed, or about possible maintenance use.


The costs of a treatment depend on what the client and doctor agree on together. It is known in advance what the costs will be for everything that is set in motion.

The costs for an analysis are usually around € 200 – € 250. Based on the results, it is checked whether a personal prescription (MyOwnBlend) is needed. If that is the case, the costs for a cure of 2-3 months are around € 250.

It is possible that part of the costs will be reimbursed by the insurer. This strongly depends on the health insurance policy. Because these are medical costs on the advice of a doctor, it may also be possible in certain cases to deduct the costs from the tax return.


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