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More and more scientific publications point in the same direction: human health can no longer be viewed separately from the microbiome. Given the young age of the field, there are still many unknowns, but it is clear that the microbiome plays a crucial role in human metabolism. And the evidence about how and where exactly is growing at a rapid pace.

As a doctor, this poses the question of how you can use this working area responsibly for your patients. What are the options for applying evidence-based microbiome therapy? And how do I match that to the unique characteristics of each patient? That’s what the Microbiome Center can help you with.

In the network of knowledge, facilities and collegial collaboration, you can immediately apply treatment opportunities to your patients as soon as they arise. And in doing so, you also contribute to joint knowledge building, together with your colleagues.

The opportunities, your professionalism

“As a general practitioner, I see chronic patients far too often with persistent complaints, sending them from specialist to specialist – and without really helping. If I knew how microbiome therapy can improve their quality of life, I would actually have to do it right away.”

“Since I cured that patient of interstitial nephritis, the instrument of microbiome therapy has become an indispensable part of my doctor’s bag.”

“The promise of microbiome interventions is impressive, but as a doctor I absolutely want to ensure that I work evidence-based.”

“Never thought that the functioning of the brain-brain axis would be so noticeable in depression.”

“People come to me with a skin problem and then ask: could it have something to do with my intestines? I would like to be able to give a professional answer to that question.”


Human physiology has several systems, each with its own functions and often located in specialized organs such as the liver, skin or lungs. The microbiome can be seen as an additional ‘organ’, with its own functions. Connected to all other systems of the body. Helpful when it’s healthy, disruptive when it’s out of balance.

Microbiome Center

Because the human microbiome is as individual as a fingerprint, it requires a personalized approach. The Microbiome Center creates a treatment network built on these principles.


via the Microbiome Center

Compared to regular treatments, the personalized treatment has specific characteristics due to its fully personalized character. By using solutions that have been developed just for that, you can apply this type of treatment in your current practice without much effort.


The Microbiome Center organizes periodic peer reviews and other knowledge meetings for doctors. The level of the sessions ranges from orienting beginners to advanced microbiome practitioners.

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