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Consider a microbiome analysis

Your answers point to the possibility that your microbiome is impairing your health. We advise you to consider a microbiome analysis.


The overall picture of your answers has been compared with common complaint patterns. Based on this, an estimate has been made of the chance that microbiome disfunction plays a role in your health. We’ve categorized your score into one of the following four categories. Your result falls into the third category.

Your current microbiome
seems balanced

Be aware of your gut

Consider a
microbiome analysis

Start a
microbiome analysis

Your answers indicate a possibility that your complaints may be related to disfunction of your microbiome. For that reason, a microbiome analysis can be useful. The results of an analysis can be used to assess whether your complaints are related to your intestines. The analysis also shows starting points for a possible treatment.


It is quite possible that the outcome of this self-test raises questions. We are therefore ready to provide you with answers. We can contact you directly via Whatsapp. We do this personally, we do not use a chatbot.


Two doctors talking

If you are wondering how it is possible that chronic complaints can be related to microbiome disfunction, you can see a short video below from two doctors who each explain an example. The examples are allergies and skin complaints. Of course, the influence of microbiome is much broader. Scientists assume that all chronic complaints are influenced to a greater or lesser extent by the intestine.

More information

An overview of the complaints and illnesses that can be related to the microbiome, can be found here.

Frequently asked questions

Why is a microbiome analysis important?

The composition of the microbiome varies from person to person. Your microbiome is therefore as unique as your fingerprint. Only when it is clear how your microbiome is out of balance, a doctor can determine which probiotics can be helpful for you.

How does such an analysis work?

If you start an analysis, you will receive a test kit at home with which you can take a sample of your stool and send it to the laboratory by mail. After about three weeks you will receive a digital report. A doctor or therapist can assess this for you, together you can decide whether treatment should be started – or not.

What is being analyzed?

First of all, the diversity of your microbiome. Your digestive system depends on different types of bacteria. The greater the diversity, the better your intestines function. Where the diversity is too low for a long time, chronic complaints or illnesses eventually arise. In addition, we examine the most important metabolic functions: do you have the right bacteria to convert food into the substances your body needs? And finally, we check for pathogens, which are pathogenic bacteria. It is important for your health to know whether there are too many of these in the intestines.

What are the costs of a microbiome analysis?

The common microbiome analysis that provides a doctor with the necessary insight costs approximately 250 euros.
There are all kinds of providers who offer an analysis for lower amounts, but the results do not give doctors the insight necessary for a decision about personalized treatment.

Will it be reimbursed by my health insurer?

That depends on your health insurance policy. In some cases, lab costs are reimbursed from the supplementary policy. it is best to check with your health insurer.

Will it also help if I just take probiotics, without an analysis first?

If you take probiotics without knowing what your microbiome is like, you are basically a chef sprinkling salt without tasting it first. Only when a doctor knows what is wrong in your microbiome he can determine which pre- or probiotics or other substances you need most.

I've already had an analysis done. Can I start treatment right away?

That depends, because not all reports provide sufficient insight. If you have a report that provides sufficient insight and is not older than a few months, and if you have a practitioner who can interpret your results, they can include the results in making a personal prescription. Discuss this with your practitioner.

I want an analysis but I don't have a therapist. What can I do?

If you have decided that an analysis is necessary but you do not yet have a practitioner, you can request an analysis directly from us.


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