Medical webinar videos for doctors

There is an enormous amount of  scientific publications but many practitioners do not have the time to read them extensively. In order to make the growing knowledge available to professionals, we are working on a series of short videos in which the latest scientific insights are briefly explained.



Without knowing it, many people suffer from Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, or SIBO for short. This webinar highlights diagnosis and treatment.

Webinar SIBO


Skin (NL)

The insights into relationships between gut and skin are increasing rapidly; experts speak of a skin-intestinal axis. This webinar highlights the many relationships. 

Webinar Skin



Allergic complaints are very often intertwined with the functioning of the microbiome. This webinar highlights the many relationships.

Webinar Allergy



Few practitioners are aware of the broad systemic effect of this substance in the body, and of the major role of the microbiome in this. In this webinar, the nuanced and full story is explained.

Samenvatting Histamine



This next-gen strain is extremely important for gut health, especially the mucus layer: Akkermansia municiphilia.

Summary Akkermansia

Vaginal microbiome

Not all HCP’s are fully aware of the importance of a healthy vaginal microbiome, so different from the gut microbiome. Here we explain the characteristics and the options to improve health with unique vaginal ovules.

Summary Vaginal ovules

Building blocks (NL)

MyOwnBlend, the personalized preparation, is made up of different building blocks, each based on scientific conclusions. This webinar explains which ones there are and how they can be used effectively. Dutch spoken, but soon in EN as well.

Webinar Building blocks


Analysis of treatments

As a network of practitioners, we learn from the experiences and data that all practitioners generate together. We share the analysis of experiences in webinars with all participating practitioners, so that the treatments become increasingly effective through collaboration.

Webinar Learnings from 7000+ patients


Evidence-based & personalized medicine

Here you will find a summary of the webinar that explains how our microbiome treatments connect evidence-based medicine (EBM) and personalized medicine (PM).

Summary EBM

Webinars and meetings

Would you like to know more than is told in the short videos? Then visit our physical or digital knowledge meetings. The level varies from exploratory beginner to experienced microbiome practitioner.

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