Short videos for doctors

There is an enormous amount of  scientific publications but many practitioners do not have the time to read them extensively. In order to make the growing knowledge available to professionals, we are working on a series of short videos in which the latest scientific insights are briefly explained.


Medical webinars

Here you will find short summaries of webinars on medical and clinical topics, such as the role of an important next-generation strain: Akkermansia municiphilia.

Assess analyses

A microbiome analysis from the laboratory contains a wealth of information. This video explains how to interpret the result.

Platform use

The microbiome platform connects client, practitioner, pharmacy, laboratory and bank. This video explains how to use it.

Webinars and meetings

Would you like to know more than told in the short videos? Then visit our physical or digital knowledge meetings. The level varies from exploratory beginner to experienced microbiome practitioner.

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