A treatment

The personalized treatment often goes through four phases:

  1. Physician’s suspicion that there is a microbiome issue
  2. Working hypothesis , which determines what needs to be researched and treated
  3. Intervention , calculated on the basis of the research results and the literature
  4. Monitoring to determine whether the intervention confirms the working hypothesis.

These four steps are made possible with MiCrobes (analysis), MiBlend (recipe) and MiSense (monitor).

Impression of an average treatment

Treatment starting point

The starting point for a treatment is the doctor’s reasonable suspicion that the health problem is related to a microbiome problem. The suspicion often arises when there are complaints of a chronic nature in combination with gastrointestinal problems; certainly if there is also persistent fatigue. In that case it is worthwhile to find out through a faecal analysis whether it is true that a microbiome problem is present.

MiCrobes - feces analyse

Extensive faecal examination; that lays the foundation for a personalized approach. State of the art PCR techniques provide a detailed picture of the qualities and properties of the microbiome. An extensive range of analysis options makes starting and follow-up measurements possible, also as a basis for a phased treatment.

MiBlend - personal recipe

Personal pharmaceutical preparation, by the pharmacist on prescription from the doctor. This makes it possible to supplement exactly those strains and substances that are most necessary for a particular person at that time in high doses under pharmacist control. The collection of available ingredients is therefore exceptionally large and extensive, thanks to procurement policies with global scope. MiBlend is therefore unparalleled in terms of range, height of dosages and precision of composition.

MiSense - individual effect monitoring

Personal monitor app that processes detailed, self-collected health data in an individual statistical report showing the effectiveness of the treatment. The method followed is called “ecological momentary assessment” and represents a major step forward compared to the current evidence from trials. The app is driven by the decisions of the doctor and then works on the client’s phone (iPhone or Android). After a predetermined research period, an n = 1 report will become available in the treatment network.


The costs of a treatment depend on what client and doctor agree on together. The costs of everything that is set in motion are known in advance, nobody is surprised by unforeseen costs afterwards.

A personal microbiome treatment usually amounts to an expenditure of around € 500 for an analysis followed by 2 to 3 months of medication. In some cases consultation costs are added.

Part of these costs may be reimbursed by the health insurer. Some health insurers have policies in which the analysis or the costs of the consultation are fully or partially reimbursed. This depends on the health insurance policy.

Contact MD - client

The contact between doctor and client proceeds in the way that both are used to, that will not change. The treatment network is only supportive. The client creates his own account on the treatment network and gives the doctor permission to contact it. All treatment steps are then registered in the network. All transactions and deliveries are handled from the network, just like in a regular webshop. This gives the client full insight and allows the physician to focus on medical decisions – eliminating the need for microbiome therapy to take extra time.


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