Privacy statement

If you have a treatment carried out via the Microbiome Center and you provide information, you always do this voluntarily: you can agree or refuse (note, that affects your treatment). The Microbiome Center asks you to provide only those data that are necessary for the treatment. Via the Microbiome Center treatment platform, you only share this data with the practitioner you are connected to. In addition, your data is used in an anonymous form to learn how treatments can be improved. Information about this will therefore never be traceable to you as a person.

You can pause or stop treatment at any time. If you request this, the data that arose during the treatment can be deleted; except the treatment registration that is recorded in the blockchain due to legal requirements, and the data that the Microbiome Center must keep in order to be accountable afterwards. The legal terms are used as retention periods. In the data traffic between organizations involved, data is encrypted and handled in accordance with all legal security requirements.

Medical decisions

The doctor and pharmacist have complete freedom of action on all medical decisions in your treatment. The Microbiome Center supports them in this.


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