Microbiome Center

Because the human microbiome is as person-specific as a fingerprint, it requires a personalized approach. The Microbiome Center supports doctors in applying such a personalized approach. By collecting knowledge made applicable through state of the art data technology.

This way of working places specific demands on both the facilities and the practitioner. Below is a description of the main principles of the Microbiome Center.

The principles of Microbiome Center

Personal medicine, magistral preparation

Based on the intake and analysis, the doctor writes a prescription for a personalized microbiome therapy. After client consent, this is checked and produced by the pharmacist and sent to the client’s home address. The doctor can generate a prescription advice with algorithms that take into account the microbiome analysis of the client, the history and all relevant scientific literature and the experiences of the doctors in the treatment network.

Thanks to the collaboration of doctor and pharmacist, the intervention has the status of pharmaceutical preparation: an individual prescription under the operation of the Medicines Act.

Active components from all over the world

Because pharmaceutical compounding offers safety under the Law of Medicine, many more and better components are available than would be possible via other means (such as supplements under Laws on food and supplements

Microbiome analysis

The start of every treatment is, apart from the doctor’s intake, a microbiome faecal analysis. This is carried out by a specialized top laboratory connected in the blockchain.

Individual monitoring

The client can measure his / her own health and the effects of the treatment through the method of “ecological momentary assessment”. This generates statically significant outcomes on an individual level. This allows each client to gain unique insights about his or her own metabolisms – an insight that holds value for a lifetime.

Blockchain guaranteed data

All activities and documents are secured in a blockchain in which all participants (Client, Doctor, Laboratory, Pharmacist, Bank, Analyst) have control over their own data. The result is data availability, control and security for every user.

Research potential

The data handling, the working process and the treatment network are suitable as a configuration in which clients receive optimal, personal treatment and in addition, with their anonymised data, can contribute to collective research in the microbiome field. This adds a new research tool to the classic RCT tool.

Invitation to Medical Doctors

With our network for personal medicine, we are open to setting up living labs with all kinds of autoimmune chronic complaints associated with gastrointestinal problems.


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