Microbiome test
complete package

€ 236,- 

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This test provides a complete insight into your microbiome through a stool test. Being measured:

• Diversity of your microbiome
• Presence of pathogenic bacteria, yeasts and parasites
• Assessment of your digestive system, such as fat, sugar, and protein digestion and pH.
• A set of markers that can detect or rule out a so-called “leaky gut” (zonulin, alpha-1-antitrypsin).
• A set of markers reflecting the activity of the immune system (calprotectin, secretory IgA).
• Insight into the different bacterial genera with accurate 16S rRNA sequencing. This modern molecular-genetic analysis method can also detect bacteria that cannot be analyzed with classical breeding methods.
• Classification of bacteria according to function, including immunogenic bacteria, important bacteria for the mucous membrane layer (mucus) such as Akkermansia muciniphila, pathogenic bacteria, sulfate-reducing bacteria, butyric acid-forming bacteria, etc.
• Determination of yeasts (seven different types of candida), protozoa and parasites (six types).

Additional test
gluten intolerancy

€ 34,-

excl verzendkosten

If you suspect gluten intolerance, it is advisable to have this test carried out in addition to the basic package.

In addition to the basic package, it is then measured whether antibodies are present for this. The outcome helps to demonstrate – or rule out – any hypersensitivity or intolerance to gluten.

(note: if you follow a complete gluten free diet, this test is of no use)










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