The Microbiome Center actively provides training and knowledge sharing, through various types of meetings for doctors.

  • Belly webinars: Meetings on current topics for doctors and healthcare professionals, with external speakers
  • Starter sessions: explanation about microbiome therapy and platform use for doctors who start treatment
  • Intervision: accredited exchange and discussion of own cases by doctors who are already treating
  • In-depth sessions: organized by doctors of Microbiome Center for affiliated doctors

The sessions usually take place in the evening (7:30 PM – 9:00 PM) via video connection. There are no costs involved.

For public sessions, visible on this page, you can register directly via the form at the bottom.

Introduction program for new Medical Doctors

Because the microbiome is a new area of work for most practitioners, the Microbiome Center offers a structured introductory program for all doctors, aimed at direct practicing with experiential learning. It contains group starter sessions, platformtraining, guidance on the first cases and an individual feedback session in which questions can be addressed based on practical experiences.

As a logical follow-up to the introductory program, the in-depth sessions offer additional knowledge exchange on current themes and innovations in treatment options.

Online webinars

Knowledge meetings organized by Microbiome Center in collaboration with knowledge partners and/or affiliated physicians

Webinar data

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Wednesday 24 Jan 2024
Monday 26 Feb 2024
Wednesday 6 Mar 2024
Wednesday 13 Mar 2024
Thursday 21 Mar 2024
Thursday 23 May 2024 New microbiome insights from N=1 practice-based experiences (ENG)
Thursday 30 May 2024 Skin microbiome (EN)

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