Microbiome Center NL

Analyse en behandeling op maat 

Who's Microbiome Center? 

MC is a young company making individual personalized Microbiome treatment available for officially registered Docters and their patients. This is an impression of the way of working and the added value.

Working principles

The human microbiome is vital to health and person specific like a fingerprint, so it requires a personalised approach to be effective. The Microbiome Center supports medical doctors to deliver such a personalised approach by gathering the leading knowledge and organising it with state of the art data technology. 

Fact based by microbiome analysis

The start of each treatment process is the intake by the doctor followed by an analysis of the Microbiome of the patient. This analysis is performed by a top level feacal research laboratory, handling data by using an anonymous barcode which takes care of customer privacy and safety.

Personal medicine

Based on the intake and the analysis report the doctor writes a recipe for a personalized microbiome treatment which is, after client agreement, produced by the pharmacy and subsequently sent to patients home address.The proposal for treatment is calculated by software using an algorithm taking account of the microbiome analysis of the client, the anamneses from the doctor, scientific literature and experiences of doctors in the MC network. The pharmacy works within compounding rules which makes it possible to work with any (new) strain which is safe and can be beneficial for the client.

Individual health monitoring

The client can get an app on his mobile phone to follow his condition in an “ecological momentary assessment” method. This can deliver statical significant data on an individual level. 

Blockchain for safety and patient data control

All activities and documents are registered in a blockchain system where all participants have the governance over their own data. This allows data control and safety for every user.

Research potential

Data handling, process and organization is designed to create a setting in which clients enjoy a better health service and at the same time contribute to scientific valid research in the field of Microbiome. While working is such a way we make way for evidence-based medication in a new setting; thus adding a new research tool to the classic RCT which we believe to be not the right method in this phase of microbiome studies.

Nationwide health research project

In the second semester of 2018 MC became partner in a subsidy project where 500-1000 chronic fatigue patients will be treated in this way. The project is called MyOwnResearch (MORe) and can be found on internet . We expect to identify homogenous subgroups within the very heterogeneous population of CF patients which we can study in more depth afterwards.

Open invitation

As an operational service for personal medicine in the microbiome field, we are open to set up living labs for other kinds of auto immune chronic conditions which are linked to intestinal discomfort.

At the moment the website is only in Dutch, because MC is still a startup company. In principle however we are quite open for foreign partners and the use of the blockchain makes this even very easy. Please feel free to contact us for further information.